Gourmet cake mixes

We are thrilled to debut our new line of signature Bundt cake mixes, now in Australia. These recipes were carefully crafted by a top-notch gourmet kitchen, and use only the finest quality, all-natural ingredients available. These quality ingredients, such as real vanilla beans and rich chocolate chips, are what make these recipes taste like they’re made from scratch. They’re generously sized too –nearly twice the volume of a supermarket mix – they will bake a full-sized cake in any of our 12-cup Bundt pans.

Each flavour was created to be delightful on its own, yet compatible with a variety of add-ins to vary the flavor to your tastes. Try fresh blueberries mixed into our Lemon Buttermilk, or a shot of espresso added to our Double Chocolate for an extra rich treat. Cinnamon Spice can be made into carrot cake or pumpkin cake. You will not be disappointed!

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