Beehive Cakelet Pan

Mini hives with bees will have your guests buzzing with delight.

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About our Beehive Cakelet Pan

Honey, these are too cute! From this Nordic Ware Beehive Cakelet Pan, the mini hives and bees on your little cakes will have your guests a-buzz with delight. Your creations will becomes the centrepiece for any event, whether it is s a lunch time treat, high tea or dinner party. This simple-to-use Bundt pan will have you guests in awe of your baking skills. Impress your guests by baking fresh, homemade cakes, or muffins, to your desire, with no fuss. Our commercial-quality pan produces an elegantly shaped cakelets that you will be looking forward to decorate!

The Beehive Cakelet Pan allows you to make professional looking little cakes in your own home. The possibilities are endless! Don’t limit yourself to packet mixers, any flavour is possible! No matter which recipe you try, our nonstick coating will ensure easy cleaning-up. Before each use, simply brush with solid vegetable shortening and dust with flour or cocoa, or use baking spray with flour, simple! Backed by a lifetime guarantee, you will be baking little beehives for years to come. Proudly made in the USA. Just bee-utiful!


Beehive Cornbread CakesThese snack-size delights are so easy to make and you'll enjoy them sweet or savoury.

Use and care

  • Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash with warm, soapy water.
  • Dishwasher use is not recommended, as it may shorten the life of the nonstick coating on your pan.
  • Before each use, brush with solid vegetable shortening and dust with flour or cocoa, or use baking spray with flour in it.
  • Mixes and recipes may vary. Fill the pan no more than 3/4 full to avoid overflow.
  • Metal utensils, scouring pads and abrasive cleaners should not be used on nonstick surfaces.

Product details

Dimensions 301 × 187 × 54 mm



Cast aluminium

Recipe capacity

3 cups



Country of origin

United States


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