Original Bundt Cake Mix Vanilla Bean

Vanilla lovers will enjoy this generous cake mix to easily bake a delicious Bundt with real vanilla bean.

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About our Original Bundt Cake Mix Vanilla Bean

Nordic Ware, famous for their popular Bundt pans and bakeware, have released a signature range of delicious Bundt cake mixes that are now available in Australia.

Carefully crafted in a top-grade, gourmet kitchen, these Original Bundt Cake Mixes use only the finest quality, all-natural ingredients available, which is why your freshly-baked Bundts will taste like you’ve made them from scratch. And easy, all you have to do is add butter, milk and eggs, and follow the easy instructions or give it a twist with one of the variations on the pack.

At a generous 779 gram size, these gourmet Bundt cake mixes are nearly twice the size of cheap packet cake mixes in supermarkets. No more having to double recipes then guess how long to cook them for. The range of Original Bundt Cake Mixes make 10-12 cups of batter, so you can use them in a variety of your Nordic Ware Bundt pans, or divide and make multiple Bundtettes and little cakes – from a large classic Bundt to about 40 Mini Bundt Cupcakes.

Each flavour was created to be delightful on its own, yet compatible with a variety of add-ins to vary the flavor to your tastes. Try your favourite flavours that go well with vanilla, or simply dust with icing sugar to keep it simple.

You will not be disappointed by these premium quality Bundt mixes!

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