Reusable Bundt Cake Thermometer

The tip of this thermometer turns red when your Bundt is ready!

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About our Reusable Bundt Cake Thermometer

The tip of this Reusable Bundt Cake Thermometer turns red when the cake is done, for perfectly baked cakes every time. This thermometer takes the guesswork out of baking the cake’s dense batter to tender doneness, without over-baking. Near the end of the cooking time, simply insert the probe into the deepest part of the cake. If it has reached 90°C, the optimal doneness point for full-size Bundt cakes, the temperature-sensitive blue coating changes to red, and you can remove your cake from the oven with confidence. Proudly made in the USA by the Bundt cake experts in Nordic Ware.

Use and care

  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water.
  • Avoid contact with open flame.

Product details

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 203 × 89 × 6 mm


Country of origin

United States


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