Our factory

Since 1946, Nordic Ware’s business model of keeping its manufacturing in the USA on as many items as possible has resulted in a smaller eco footprint, local job creation, stability, and has allowed us to produce durable goods that withstand years of use. Domestic production has also given us the distinct advantage of being able to carefully monitor what goes into our products since the majority of them are made right here in our own back yard.

Nordic Ware’s Minneapolis-based manufacturing facilities currently provide jobs for hundreds of people in America at a time when most manufacturers in our industry have moved overseas. We employ more than 300 people in our local community, who are in turn able to support their families because of these jobs. There are far-reaching benefits as well; consider the many local suppliers we are able to support with additional business on a daily basis when we make our products:

  • Minnesota and Wisconsin-based packaging and corrugated suppliers
  • Metal and raw material suppliers across the United States
  • Pennsylvania and Wisconsin-based coatings suppliers
  • Local machine shops
  • Local tool and die makers
  • Local contractors for services we require

View the factory video get a behind-the-scenes look at our Minneapolis, Minnesota factory and the people who help make the products you love!